Volume & Issue: Volume 50, Issue 6, October 2019 

Research Paper

The Effect of Climate Change on Main Areas of Rainfed Wheat Production in Iran

Pages 1293-1305


Mojtaba Shokouhi; Seyed Hossein Sanaei-Nejad; Mohammad Bannayan Aval

Removal of Norfloxacin Antibiotic from Contaminated Solution by Microalgae Chlorella sp.

Pages 1307-1316


Zahra Darabi; Nasrin Ghorbanzadeh; Mohammad Bagher Farhangi; Davood Bakhshi

The Effect of Spent Mushroom Compost and Its Biochar on Parsley Yield under Salinity Stress

Pages 1453-1465


Fatemeh Karami Niya; Nafiseh Rang Zan; habiballah Nadian Ghomsheh; Amin Lotfi Jalal Abadi