Guide for Authors

Iranian Journal of Water and Soil Research accepts research articles in fields related to irrigation and development engineering, and soil science engineering, written in Persian and published for the first time, from all countries. Strict compliance with the following guide in the preparation of the article is considered as one of the conditions for its placement in the judging process.

Authors profile file (It is fixed in all types of articles and must be written in both Farsi and English)  The title page contains the full title of the article, the short title of the article, the names of the authors, the scientific address of the authors, and the full contact details of the responsible author and declaration of conflict of interest. The position of the authors must be fully entered both in the authors' profile file and on the authors' profile page in this system. for example: department, faculty, university, city, country) (for further guidance, use the sample file of the authors' profile) Be sure to prepare an extensive English abstract file.


Conditions for choosing the title of the article 

The title of the article should not be repeated and published by another author in another article in the language of the journal or any other language.  The title of the article should be descriptive of the study and refrain from mentioning formulas and abbreviations. The title should contain the main variables of the research and not have extra words.

Conditions for choosing the short title of the article

 The short title of the article is used during page layout and to categorize the article, and it should be a maximum of 80 characters.

Conflict of interest  

Authors must clearly state any potential conflict of interest, such as receiving payment for the article, or obtaining stock or shares in an organization that may be gained or lost through the publication of the article. The conflict of interest form can be downloaded at the top of the file submission page.  A clear statement of conflict of interest does not lead to automatic rejection of the article, however we would like to be aware of it. If there is no conflict of interest, the following sentence should be added to the end of the article:    "There is no conflict of interest by the authors".  If the conflict of interest is not included, it is considered that there is no conflict between the authors.

Manner of writing the text of the article  Use the article writing style file to prepare the original article file.

Essay writing style file 

Arbitration and publishing fee It should be noted that this journal, based on the permission of the relevant ministry, receives two million Rials for the refereeing fee during the initial review and 3 million Rials for acceptance and printing (when accepted and published online) from the submitted articles. Pay through the bank portal that they are guided to in the system.