Investigation of Water Hardness Reduction (Ca+Mg) using Strong Cationic Resins

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MSc student of Irrigation and Drainage, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Water Engineering Department, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, Sari, Iran.

2 Assistant Professor, Water Engineering Department, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, Sari, Iran.

3 Instructor, Water Engineering Department, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, Sari, Iran.


Due to the high cost of water treatment by chemicals, low cost methods of refinement are very important. In this study, four types of strong cationic resins including Purolite C100, Purolite C100E, Trilite SCR-B and Dowex Marathon C as softening with different levels of 3, 5, 8 and 10 liters used to reduce Ca and Mg ions in Water Supply Station of the Coal Village House in Juybar city, Mazandaran province. In this study, Factorial experiments carried out in a completely randomized design to investigate the effect of different types and amounts of resins on Ca and Mg reduction in water. The results showed that the three liters of Dowex Marathon C resin have the highest removal efficiency of 16.1 and 21.5%, respectively, for magnesium and calcium. In addition, the five liters of Trilitle SCR-B resin have the removal efficiency of 37.4% and 42.5% for Mg and Ca, respectively. The eight liters of Trilitle SCR-B resin have the removal efficiency of 51.6% for magnesium and 60.3% for calcium. The highest removal efficiency of Mg (66%) and Ca (77.6%) obtained by using 10 liters Purolitle C100e and Trilitle SCR-B resins, respectively. Finally, it can be said that the Trilite SCR-B resin with the lowest calcium and magnesium hardness in the water (36 and 16 mg/l respectively) and the most effectiveness on hardness reduction is suggested to be used in the water treatment system of Juybar city.


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