Application of Variable- Speed Pumps in Design and Operation of on- Demand Irrigation Systems

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Former M.Sc. Student, Irrigation Structures, University of Tehran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Irrigation and Reclamation, University of Tehran


In most irrigation systems in our country, the pumping stations are equipped with fixed
speed pumps. These pumps in addition to causing water waste, demand extra energy.
Providing a method for adjusting the pumps to function according to obligations of
operation can improve efficiency of water distribution as well as energy efficiency. One
of the choices toward this aim, is to employ the variable speed pumps which adjust with
the variable demand of system. In this study, by coding in MATLAB software, design of
pumping stations equipped with variable- speed pumps was done for a drip irrigation
system. Then with regard to variable demand of discharge and pressure during irrigation
season, the designed system was evaluated and compared with some ordinary operation
methods based on constant speed pumps. The results show that the performance of
variable- speed pumps to supply the pressure head and discharge is largely definitely
acceptable; while water losses in ordinary pumping stations, depending on the type of
station, amount to from 16 to 36 percent.


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