An Investigation of the Relationship between Some Soil Properties and Regeneration Patches of Forest Using Landscape Ecology Approach (Case Study: Gorazbon District, Kheyrud Forest)



Some soil physical and chemical characteristics were analyzed in order to reveal the relationship between forest soils and regeneration patches. Gorazbon district of Kheyrud was selected as a case study for the research area. All regeneration patches were recorded using GPS device. To assess the spatial structure and to quantify the metrics of regeneration patches, analyzing of landscape metrics in combination with gradient analysis in GIS and FRAGSTATS being utilized. The spatial analysis results indicated that the physical and chemical properties of forest soils in relation with regeneration patches are the most effective factors which were showed the regeneration distribution. Medium soil texture (Loam-Clay Sand), suitable drainage, sufficient moisture, phosphorus, nitrogen, pH, organic matter and soil structure are the most important variables which were determined the regeneration interval patches in the study area, Thus, the results showed that the soil texture was the effective factor in relation to forest stands distribution