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Relationships between Physico-Chemical Properties of the Soil and Rice Selenium Uptake in Silakhor Plain of Lorestan Province

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 30 November 2022


Parvin Khosravi; Mahboobeh Jalali; Hamid Reza Matinfar; Shirin Haftbaradaran

Investigating water use efficiency and wheat growth characteristics as influenced by soil and foliar application of Zargreen organic fertilizer under drought conditions

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 05 February 2023


Maryam Zahedifar; Ali Akbar Moosavi; Arash Ershadi; Mehdi Jafari-Asl

The effect of growth-promoting bacteria on the quantitative and qualitative agricultural traits of various cultivars of Solanum tuberosum under drought stress in the greenhouse and garden conditions

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 February 2023


Rahmat Nouri Shahali‌-Baighlou; Jalil Ajali; Davoud Hassanpanah; Ali Faramarzi; Naser Mohebealipour

Comparison of spectral and structural characteristics of humic acids extracted from organic sources

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 11 March 2023


Simin Khosravi; Sareh Nezami; Akram Fatemi

Effects of Enriched Biochars on the Availability and Fractions of Phosphorus in the Saline Soils of Lake Urmia Basin

Volume 51, Issue 12, March 2021, Pages 3177-3193


Roghayeh Mousavi; MirHassan Rasouli-Sadaghiani; Ebrahim Sepehr; Mohsen Barin; Maryam Khezri

The Effect of Various Sources of Iron on the Nitrate Accumulation in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)

Volume 51, Issue 11, February 2021, Pages 2953-2963


Neda Bahrami; mahboobeh Jalali; AliAkbar Zare

Chemical Effect of municipal Compost and Sewage Sludge on Soil and Wheat Crop

Volume 51, Issue 9, November 2020, Pages 2349-2363


Alireza Marjovvi; parisa MASHAYEKHI

The Effect of Humic Acid and Zinc Application on Some Vegetative Traits and Anti-oxidant Enzymes of Corn Seedling under Salinity Stress

Volume 51, Issue 9, November 2020, Pages 2393-2403


atefeh rashidifard; mostafa chorom; Mojtaba Norouzi Masir; habibolah roshanfekr

Estimation of In-season Basil Nitrogen Requirement Using the Nitrogen Nutrition Index

Volume 51, Issue 8, October 2020, Pages 2039-2049


Hadisseh Rahimikhoob; Teymour Sohrabi; Mojtaba Delshad

The Effect of Growth Hormones and Mycorrhizal Fungi on the Yield of Potato Plant (Agria Cultivar)

Volume 51, Issue 7, September 2020, Pages 1623-1635


mosayeb vafaee; Ahmad Golchin; fatemeh moradi; Afrooz Shariatzade

Evaluation of Paddy Soil Fertility Using Integrated Fertility Index

Volume 51, Issue 5, August 2020, Pages 1211-1226


maryam Shakouri; Shahram MahmoudSoltani; Mohammad Taghi Karbalai agha molki; Mahmoud Shabanpour; Ali Poorsafar Tabalvandani

Effect of Silicon Sources and Nano Silicon on Some Morphophysiologic Response of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni

Volume 51, Issue 2, May 2020, Pages 281-295


reza malmir; Babak Motesharezadeh; Leyla Tabrizi; Farzaneh Bekhradi

The Effect of Humic Acid and Phosphorus Fertilizer on Phosphatase Enzymes, Active Carbon and Available Phosphorus in Sugarcane Rhizosphere

Volume 50, Issue 10, March 2020, Pages 2571-2581


Hamidreza Behravan; Reza Khorassani; Amir Fotovat; Abdolamir Moezzi; Mehdi Taghavi

The Effect of Nitrogen Biofertilizers on Yield and Yield Components of Two Wheat Cultivars (Chamran and Shiroodi)

Volume 50, Issue 8, December 2019, Pages 1927-1936


Seyed Mashaallah Hosseini; Ali taslimi; Yaghoobali Karami; Manuchehr Dastfal