Author = Mojtaba Khoshravesh
Investigation the Effect of Climate Change and Planting Date on Maize Yield using WOFOST Model

Volume 52, Issue 10, January 2022, Pages 2515-2527


Pezhman Salarieh; Mojtaba Khoshravesh; Reza Norooz Valashedi; Alireza Kiani

Estimating the Rice Yield and Determining Water Productivity of Paddy Fields with Remote Sensing and Lysimeter Data (The Studied Case: North of Sari)

Volume 52, Issue 10, January 2022, Pages 2555-2567


Fatemeh Jafari Sayadi; Mohammad Ali Gholami Sefidkouhi; Hemmatollah Pirdashti; Mojtaba Khoshravesh

The Effect of Irrigation with Magnetically Treated Effluent on Chemical Properties and Soil Heavy Metals

Volume 52, Issue 8, November 2021, Pages 2191-2203


Mojtaba Khoshravesh; Seyedeh Mahsa Hosseini; Masoud Pourgholam-Amiji

Evaluation of Spatial-Temporal Comparisons of Water Quality Parameters and Health of Ziarat River using NSFWQI Quality Index and Statistical Analysis

Volume 51, Issue 6, September 2020, Pages 1353-1372


mohammad hasan naderi; Masoud Pourgholam Amiji; Mojtaba Khoshravesh; Altin Ghojoghi; Narges Arab

Nitrate Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using Micro and Nano Particles of Beech Leaves

Volume 51, Issue 2, May 2020, Pages 353-362


Tayebe dehghan; Mohammad Ali Gholami Sefidkouhi; Mojtab Khoshravesh; narges samadani

Investigation of Water Hardness Reduction (Ca+Mg) using Strong Cationic Resins

Volume 50, Issue 6, October 2019, Pages 1341-1350


Yasin Nasrollahi; Mojtaba Khoshravesh; Ghasem Aghajani Mazandarani

Saline-Sodic Soil Leaching Assessment Using Different Amendments under Laboratory Condition

Volume 49, Issue 6, January and February 2019, Pages 1257-1266


Ali Koulaian; Mojtab Khoshravesh

Estimation of soybean water-nitrogen production function

Volume 49, Issue 3, May and June 2018, Pages 665-672


Lida Asadi; Mojtab Khoshravesh; Masoud PourGholam; Abdolmajid Liaghat; MohammadReza Youri

Evaluation of the Effect of Different Amounts of Natural and Artificial Soil Modifiers on Biological Yield and Grain Yield of Wheat

Volume 49, Issue 3, May and June 2018, Pages 673-682


Sajad Azimi; Mojtab Khoshravesh; Abdullah Darzi Naftchali; Meysam Abedinpour