Structure and objectives of Social Water Banking in Zayandeh-rud Basin

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Irrigation and Reclamation Engineering Department, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.

2 Researcher on Water Governance, Policy and Diplomacy, Center of Strategic studies .Tehran, Iran.

3 Professor, Irrigation and Reclamation Engineering Department, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran


Zayandeh-rud basin can be considered as one of the most challenging basin in terms of water security in Iran, followed by political, social and economic security affected by the water governance crisis in the country. The failures of the hierarchical governance structure in this basin lead us to formulate an appropriate mechanism based on participation in the framework of "Social Water Banking". For this purpose, we used a qualitative research method based on the analysis of interviews, articles, documents and used philosophical theory of “Practice” and “Normative Practice” model. The results of analysis and review of information sources using the tools of normative practice model were prepared the structure and objectives of social water banking in Zayandeh-rud basin, including the rules of qualification, basic, conditional and regulatory rules. The formation of the Zayandeh-rud River Basin Parleman, the strengthening of multilateral and multi-level committees, information transparency and the formation of an information working group consisting of farmers are structural changes that in the form of social banking and by reforming the governance structure will lead to sustainable security.


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