Review and Evaluation of Theories and Empirical Models of Vehicle Stability in Floods

Document Type : Review


1 Water Engineering Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Imam Khomeini International UNiversity

2 Professor, Water Engineering Department, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran


The Knowledge of assessing the stability of vehicles in floodwater is crucial for conscious flood risk management in urban areas. Cars instability in floodwater is classified in three forms: slipping, floating, and overturning, which causes a lot of financial and human losses. Therefore, it is important to assess the stability of vehicles in floodwater to make decisions to reduce the damage and risks associated with it. Few studies have been conducted to determine the instability threshold of vehicles in floods, most of which focus on parked vehicles. This field of study in Iran is a primitive level and no specific work has been done in this regard so far. In this article, experimental, theoretical, and theoretical- experimental studies conducted in instability threshold of stationary vehicles field are reviewed in two periods of 1960-2000 and 2010-2020. In addition, the criteria set out in the Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guideline is used as the main source for determining the instability threshold. The most important achievement of this research is reviewing most of the researches done to predict the behavior of vehicles in flood events. In addition, the strengths and weaknesses of the researches and presented methods were interpreted and evaluated. Finally, the method which can be used in Iran introduced and offers for starting applied research in this field in the country suggested.


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