Corporation of the private sector in Iran's, challenges and solutions Corporation of the private sector.

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty of Law, Mofid University of Qom

2 Mofid University of Qom - Iran


Due to the fact the the water services are considered as public services , most of the suggestions regarding the corporation of the private sector in this field are faced with severe resistance . And because of those previous negative notions and disagreements, law makers and politicians passed laws that showed limitations of private investments in the water field. With respect to the world's new evolutions, the need for the private investment seems to be more necessary. Putting away the legal restrictions proper to these needs seems to be one of the most fundamental actions for them. So in this article, the private sectors investment limitations in the water field is reviewed through a descriptive analytical approach and then we present solutions to put the limitations away. the performed researchers show that the private sector corporation and appointing the public sections such as water can have a positive results such as optimal water usage, increasing standards and the water quality and giving water to the deprived places and in order to be able to do this important task, we need to encourage investors and presenting suggestive plans to them. And all the above mentioned depends on an evolution in law and putting away the limitations .


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