Assessment of sprinkler irrigation systems with emphasis on performance criteria and operation problems

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Tehran

2 University of Imam Khomeini, Qazvin

3 Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz


In this research, the pressurized irrigation systems including 7 center pivots, 3 linears and 8 solid-sets with portable sprinkler systems in the provinces of Tehran, Qazvin, Alborz, and Qom were assessed using the uniformity coefficient, the distribution uniformity, Potential Application Efficiency of Low Quarter, Application Efficiency of Low Quarter, and Irrigation Adequacy indices. In order to compare the assessed systems, the weighted averages of all used indices were calculated. The research results showed that the weighted average of the mentioned indices were 78, 63, 69, 69 and 49 percent for the center pivot system; 75, 68, 64, 55 and 62 percent for the linear system; and 77, 66, 60, 60 and 61 percent for the solid-set system with portable sprinkler ,respectively. By analyzing the indices and comparing them with the field and pumping stations’ observations, it was found that the incorrect design, mismatch between the designs, performance and management, and incorrect operation are the main causes of inefficient performance.


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