Evaluation of spatial distribution of water and fertilizer application under center pivot irrigation system

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1 student/university of Tehran

2 Faculty member/university of Tehran


Sprinkler systems should have been implemented to assess the success of the system can be determined and Practical solutions to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems and provided suggestions for future systems. The aim of this study has been to evaluate the uniformity of water distribution and manure in the field under centerpivot sprinkler irrigation system. The place of this research was in the field of Tehran University in Karaj and in the years of 2015 and 2016. Nitrogen in use by crop has been from fertilizer source of urea (46%). Centerpivot irrigation system to measure the distribution uniformity, measure the amount of water and nitrogen had collected in cans which had arranged radially. Uniformity coefficient of Heermann and Hein in the cans in the first and second measurements were 84% and 91%. Uniformity coefficient of fertilizer distribution was in the first and second year fertigation, respectively 69% and 72%. The results has shown the uniformity coefficient from fertilizer distribution uniformity coefficient is less than water distribution uniformity coefficient .


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