Comparison of Hedging Policy using MetaHuristic Algorithm and Standard Operation Policy in Optimal Operation of Voshmgir Reservoir Dam in during Drought

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Zabol University

2 University of Tehran

3 Payame noor University of Booshehr


Surface water resources constitute a main part of water resources on earth, specifically surfaces of water at dam reservoirs. One of the methods to improve utilization of such rich storage reservoirs is the policy of Hedging. The objective function followed in this study is to minimize the rate of this scarcity through implementing the policy of water rationing for agricultural purposes in conjuction with Voshmgir Dam in Golestan province. Hence, a three-year consecutive period of drought (1380- 1382) was selected for the study. The Hedging policy was performed using Annealing, Genetic and Imperialist competition algorithms. Then, the results were compared with the Standard Optimization Policy (SOP). The results showed that the Annealing Algorithm with the Hedging policy of 99.94% reliability, 50% Resilience, 49.39 Sustainability, 6% Vulnerability and 99 percent supply presented a  high performance. Also the Standard operation policy with 99.25% reliability, 11 Resilience, 9.22 Sustainability, 15.5 Vulnerability along with 80 percent supply renders a low performance in Voshmgir reservoir operation during drought periods.


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