Effects of Different Agronomic and Forest Land Uses on Soil Enzyme Activity

Document Type : Research Paper



The effects of agronomic, orchard and forest land uses on soil enzymes, activities were evaluated in West Azarbaijan. About 75 soil surface samples were collected from the different studied land use area in which soil enzyme activities including Acid Phosphatase (ACP), Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP), urease and dehydrogenase were assessed employing substrate-reaction methods. Results revealed that ALP and ACP activities in the forest type land use (344.3 and 582.3 µg pNP/g.h, respectively) amounted to higher than in orchard ones, followed by agronomic land uses. However, urease enzyme in agronomic type land use (84.4µg NH4+-N/g.2h) showed higher activity uses which can be resulted from high urea application on the agronomic farms. Dehydrogenase activity in the forest (7.2 µg TPF/g.24h) was significantly higher than that in the agronomic land use. Assessment of soil quality index (SQI) showed ACP and dehydrogenase, OC, pH, available phosphorous as MDS had the highest effect on the studied soils, quality among the evaluated properties. SQI in forest land use (1.92) was significantly higher than that in orchard (1.71) and agronomic (1.41) land uses. It is understood that land use exerts high effect on soil enzyme activity and typically in intact ecosystems (forest) soil enzyme activity is high which can be thought as related to sustainability of these ecosystems.


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