Effects The amount of water of tape tube irrigation on qualitative and quantitative yield of three sesame varieties

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Expert and researcher of Behbahan Agricultural Research Station

2 Researcher and faculty member base of 17 -Behbahan agricultural research station


The present study was performed to investigate the effect of different levels of irrigation water applied in tape drip irrigation on yield, seed yield components, oil yield, percentage seed oil content, and seed water use efficiency for three sesame varieties in Behbahan Agriculture Research Station  within the two years 2011 and 2012. The experiment was performed in split plots within the framework of a randomized complete block design of 3 replications . The main factor consisted of the different levels of irrigation water (50%, 75%, 100% and 125% water requirement) in tape drip irrigation and while sub factors consisting of three sesame varieties, namely Syntetik, Yellow white as well as Behbahan local variety.The results indicated that the effects of different levels of irrigation of water on seed yield and its components, and as well on the seed water use efficiency were statistically significant at 1% level. The effect of canola variety on seed yield, thousand seed weight, and number of capsules per plant and seed water use efficiency was also significant at 1% level, the best variety being Behbahan local one. The highest seed yields were obtained for the treatments 125% (1341 Kg/ha) and 100% water requirements (1345 Kg/ha), respectively. However the treatment 100% water requirement was the more appropriate treatment, as it consumed less water. The water use efficiency for the best treatment (Behbahan local variety with 75% of water requirement) was estimated as 0.135 Kg/m3.


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