Investigation of the root system of riparian Tamarix tree,indirect flow of river in order to use in practical slopes stability.

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Root system is one of the factors affecting soil shear strength, increasing it, and thus bringing about slope stability. This study investigates the root system of Tamarix trees on slope of riverbanks and in the direction of their flow. A number of five trees (from TAMARIX species) grown on the river bank were selected each within a distance of about one km from SAIMEREH River in Ilam Province. Circle profile trenching method was employed to obtain and study the root characteristics. In the direct on of flow, the number and diameter of roots were recorded on up and downside region of the plants. Results show that the number of roots on the upside region is about 11.6 percent more than those on the downside region. For all diameters, the number of roots in up region is more than those on the downside region. The average root diameter on the upside region is higher than that on the downside region. Total root area on the upper region is about 23 percent more than that in down region. On up region, thick roots contain more of total root but on down region it is the inverse. It is observed that, in direct flow, root system of riparian trees on riverbank is asymmetrical.


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