Effect of Polypropylene Fibers on the Mechanical Properties of Gypsiferous Soils

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor, Isfahan University of Technology

2 Former Graduate Student, Isfahan University of Technology

3 Assistant Professor, Isfahan University of Technology


The presence of gypsiferous soils classified as problematic soils in the context of hydraulic structures may cause structural damage within either local or global measures.  Soil stabilizing and improving is considered as a method or technique of dealing with these types of soils. Methods of soil reinforcing could be conducted through the followings: utilization of steel strap, geotextile, geosynthetics, as well as fibers.  The effect of polypropylene fibers (6 and 12 mm in length) of different percentages (0.05, 0.1, 0.15, and .25) on shear parameters, density specifications, Atterberg limits, and soil bearing capacity is investigated in the present study. The obtained results were statistically analyzed in a completely randomized design, with their means compared at a statistical level of 1% (P<0.01). Results show that none of the polypropylene fibers significantly affects water content, maximum dry weight per unit volume and soil adhesion. This is while either length of the mentioned fibers significantly increase the angle of internal friction, bearing capacity, as well as the liquid and plastic limits of soil (Atterberg limits).


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