Effect of Partial Root-zone Drying on the Pattern of Spatiotemporal Changes of Soil Temperature and Soil Electrical Conductivity in Maize Root-Zone



In this study, the pattern of changes in the values of soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) and soil Temperature (T) under Full Irrigation treatment (FI) as compared with PRD75 and PRD55 treatments (Partial Root-zone Drying which received 75 % and 55% water of FI at each irrigation event) was investigated in 1389 on a maize filed in Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Results demonstrated that there was a strong linear relationship between the values of T and soil water content and as well between EC and soil water content. Results also showed a strong exponential relation between the values of T and EC. Regardless of treatments, the values of EC and T decreased in response to any increase in the soil depth. However, the values of changes in the EC and T in the wetted part of PRD75 treatment were significantly higher than those of the same part in FI treatment. The value of total salt accumulation in the root-zone under PRD75 treatment was 27% less than that at FI treatment. Furthermore, in spite of a 25% water saving under PRD75 treatment, there was no significant decrease in the value of yield efficiency (6.9 ton/ha) as compared with FI treatment (7 ton/ha). Therefore, it can be concluded that applying PRD75 treatment can lead to the most suitable results in this study area.