Zinc and Manganese Nutrition of Acacia, Elm and Plane Trees in Isfahan Landscape through Hole Mulching



In this study, the effect of hole mulching application of Zn and Mn on acacia, elm, and plane nutrition was examined in the green spaces of Isfahan. Three different sites were chosen in a randomized complete block design using six treatments of: 1. cow manure compost, 2. cow manure vermicompost, 3. urban waste compost, 4. urban waste vermicompost, 5. dug hole refilled with the same soil coming out of the hole, and 6. blank with no hole dug. Zn, Mn and P elements contents in young leaves were determined several times after the set out of the experiment. Results showed that hole digging could improve the nutrition condition in elm and in acacia trees. In plane trees, treatments did not show significant effects on concentration of Zn and Mn microelements. Cow manure vermicompost and cow manure compost increased Zn and Mn concentration in tree leaves more than the other treatments did. Also, no mulch treatment (digging and refilling the hole with the same soil) showed some positive effects on the element concentrations in leaves, however, this was not as effective as when organic amendments added to the soil refilling the holes.