Control Algorithms and Their Use in the Canals of Aghili Irrigation Network: (II) Performance Assessment



The objective in this study was to assess the performance of the control algorithms and determine the appropriate controller for Aghili Irrigation Network. To evaluate the efficiency of the control algorithms, the performance criteria of the Maximum Absolute Error, Integral Absolute Error and Steady State Error were considered during the simulations of a one month period and with regard to the real offtakes schedule. The results demonstrated that the three proposed control algorithms benefit considerable potentials to closely match the discharge at the cross regulators with those by water users, with their leading to demand oriented water distribution and a better performance of the system. The proposed algoritms were ranked as: Distant Downstream Proportional Integral Feebback and Feedforward Control with Decouplers (algorithm 3), Distant Downstream Proportional Integral Feebback Control with Decouplers (algorithm 2), and Local Upstream Proportional Integral Feebback Control (algorithm 1) in providing a desirable performance; and as: algorithm 1, algorithm 2, and algorithm 3 to render high feasibilities. An integrated control system, controller 3 as the main control system along with controller 1 as the backup system are recommended as the desired control systems in the canals of Aghili Irrigation Network.