Use of Organic Adsorbents in Amendment of Hexavalent Chromium Contaminated Soils



Chromium is among the metals that, due to its particular specifications, has numerous applications in various fields of industries and its use in industry is steadily on the increas. Widspread use of this metal has been accompanied by its increased release into environment, entailing numerous environmental hazards. In this research the effect of organic adsorbents was investigated on hexavalent chromium adsorption from soils cotaminated through leather tanning industries. A factorial design with three replications was employed. Treatments consisted of three types of adsorbents (wool, sawdust and peat moss), three concentrations of adsorbents namely 2, 5 and 10% ; along with three contact times of 2, 15 and 30 days. The results indicated that use of organic adsorbents is effective among them wool being the most suitable and the most applicable one. Different concentrations of adsorbents had different significant effects on chromium adsorption. Different application times also had different significant effects on chromium adsorption. Wool and sawdust had their maximum adsorption effect in 15 and 2 day, treatments respectively, but peat moss, adsorption of chromium contaminant was the same for the different application times.