Author = M. Gorji
Assessment of Surface Sealing Formation and Its Relationship with Soil Quality Indices

Volume 52, Issue 6, August 2021, Pages 1501-1514


Ayoub Avizhgan; Hossein Asadi; Mohammad Hosein Mohammadi; Manouchehr Gorji

Organic Pollutants of Sewage Sludge, Fate in Soil and their Analytical Methods

Volume 52, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 577-595


Ali Ataee; Nadergholi Ebrahimi; Hossein Asadi; Manouchehr Gorji

The Effect of Crop Residue on Organic Carbon and Fertility of the Soil in Wheat-Corn Rotation

Volume 51, Issue 12, March 2021, Pages 3207-3219


Morad Mirzaei; Manouchehr Gorji Anari; Ehsan Razavy-Toosi; Hossein Asadi; Ebrahim Moghiseh; Seyed Morteza Zamir

Studying the Effects of Biocrusts on Soil Water Dynamic and Evaporation

Volume 51, Issue 5, August 2020, Pages 1255-1264


Jalil Kakeh; Manouchehr Gorji; Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi; Hossein Asadi; Farhad Khormali; Mohamad Sohrabi

Effect of Topography Indices and Soil Characteristics on Rainfed Wheat Yield in Loess Lands of Toshan Area, Northern Iran

Volume 51, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 93-105


Mohammad Ajami; Ahmad Heidari; Farhad Khormali; Manoochehr Gorji; Shamsolah Ayoubi

Investigating the Effects of Conservation and Reduced Tillage Systems on Soil Quality Indices

Volume 49, Issue 6, January and February 2019, Pages 1355-1364


Ramin Ghahramanpoor; Manoochehr Gorji; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee; Mohsen Farahbakhsh

Evaluation of soil loss tolerance via soil productivity and quality at a watershed scale: Haji-Ghushan watershed, Golestan province

Volume 48, Issue 5, January 2018, Pages 985-994


heidar ghafari; Manoochehr Gorji; Mahmood ArabKhedri; Ghorbanali Rooshani; Ahmad Heidari

WEPP model efficiency in estimation of runoff and soil loss in stony rangelands of Khamesan watershed, Kurdistan

Volume 48, Issue 5, January 2018, Pages 1031-1042


Naser Khaleghpanah; Hossein Asadi; Mahdi Shorafa; Manoochehr Gorji; Masood Davari

Quantitative soil quality assessment in different land uses at some Parts of south eastern of Qazvin

Volume 47, Issue 4, January 2017, Pages 775-784


Jalil Kakeh; Manoochehr Gorji; Alireza Alimohammadi

The Effects of Biological Soil Crusts on Soil Hydrologic Properties in Range Land of Qare Qir, Golestan Province

Volume 44, Issue 4, January 2014, Pages 397-403


Jalil Kakeh; Manouchehr Gorji; Ali Tavili; Mohammad Sohrabi; Ahamd Ali Pourbabaei