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Spatial distribution of some soil physico-chemical properties in agricultural soils of Isfahan province

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 03 April 2023


parisa MASHAYEKHI; Alireza Marjovvi

Assessment of Soil Quality in Paddy Soils with Different Yields (A Case Study: Kouchsfahan, Guilan Province)

Volume 51, Issue 12, March 2021, Pages 3161-3176


maryam Shakouri; Mahmoud Shabanpour; Naser Davatgar; Majid Vazifehdoust

The Effect of Crop Residue on Organic Carbon and Fertility of the Soil in Wheat-Corn Rotation

Volume 51, Issue 12, March 2021, Pages 3207-3219


Morad Mirzaei; Manouchehr Gorji Anari; Ehsan Razavy-Toosi; Hossein Asadi; Ebrahim Moghiseh; Seyed Morteza Zamir

The Effect of Irrigation Management and Cultivation pattern on Soil Quality Indices (Case study: Agriculture fields of Semnan)

Volume 51, Issue 9, November 2020, Pages 2323-2335


Kourosh kamali; Gholam Reza Zehtabian; Tayyebeh Mesbahzadeh; Mahmood Arabkhedri; Hossayin Shahab Arkhazlo; Alireza Moghaddam Nia

Investigating Spatial Variability of Soil Quality Indices in Nazar Abad Fields, West of Alborz Province

Volume 51, Issue 7, September 2020, Pages 1755-1768


Ali Reza Vaezi; Rasoul Mirkhani; hamed rezaei; leila esmaeelnejad

Effect of Topography Indices and Soil Characteristics on Rainfed Wheat Yield in Loess Lands of Toshan Area, Northern Iran

Volume 51, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 93-105


Mohammad Ajami; Ahmad Heidari; Farhad Khormali; Manoochehr Gorji; Shamsolah Ayoubi

Mid-term Variations of Biogeochemical Indicators of Soil Quality under Agronomic Conditions

Volume 51, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 119-133


Parisa Mohseni; Ali Keshavarzi; Ahmad Heidari; Elnaz Maleki-Ghelichi

Modeling Soil Salinity in Khuzestan Lands Susceptible for Dust Production Using Visible-Near Infrared Spectroscopic Method

Volume 50, Issue 8, December 2019, Pages 1951-1962


Mansour Chatrenor; Ahmad Landi; Ahmad Farrokhian Firouzi; Aliakbar Noroozi; Hosseinali Bahrami

The Effect of Forest Land Use Change on Soil Quality Characteristics and Carbon Dioxide Emission

Volume 50, Issue 5, September 2019, Pages 1063-1072


Somayyeh Ehsani; Yahya Kooch; Moslem Akbarinia

The dynamics of soil biochemistry and microbiology in various land management of the Western Hyrcanian region

Volume 50, Issue 4, August 2019, Pages 1009-1021


negar moghimian; mohsen hosseini; Yahya Kooch; behroz zarei

Investigating the Effects of Conservation and Reduced Tillage Systems on Soil Quality Indices

Volume 49, Issue 6, January and February 2019, Pages 1355-1364


Ramin Ghahramanpoor; Manoochehr Gorji; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee; Mohsen Farahbakhsh

Assessment of soil organic matter status using regression kriging technique and Landsat images

Volume 49, Issue 5, September and October 2018, Pages 1107-1117


Mohammad Ali Mahmoodi; Molood Mirzaie; Mahtab Pir Bavaghar

Providing Land Use and Land Cover Maps Using Remote Sensing Data and Artificial Neural Network

Volume 49, Issue 5, September and October 2018, Pages 1171-1180


Mohammad Ali Mahmoodi; Sahar Aminkhah