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Comparative evaluation and comparison of quality monitoring network of Iranʼs rivers with selected countries

Volume 54, Issue 5, August 2023, Pages 737-751


Nasrin Khodamoradi Vatan; Mehdi Mazaheri; Jamal Mohammad vali samani; Seyede Lila Razavi Toosi

LCA evaluation of walnut production in different irrigation methods: A Case Study of Shahrekord and Saman Counties

Volume 54, Issue 3, June 2023, Pages 497-512


Zahra Heidarpour; Hassan Ghasemi-Mobtaker; Majid Khanali; Abdolmajid Liaghat

Anzali Wetland Surface Area Evaluation Based on Landsat Time Series Data and NDWI Indices

Volume 54, Issue 1, April 2023, Pages 173-192


Maryam Haghighi Khomami; Amir Eslam Bonyad; mohammad panahandeh

Life Cycle Assessment of Flood Spreading System Daefeh Watershed in Rafsanjan Plain

Volume 52, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 507-522


Fahime Jafari Mehdiabad; Mohammad Jafari; Alireza Moghaddam Nia; Mazaher moeinaddini; Ebrahim alaiee; Mohammad Reza Sabour; Mohammad Abdolahi Ezzatabadi

Prediction of Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming Potential in Agricultural Lands of Khuzestan Province Using DAYCENT Model

Volume 51, Issue 9, November 2020, Pages 2259-2273


nasrin moradimajd; Gholam Abbas Falah Ghalhari; Mansour Chatrenor

Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Saravan Landfill Leachate by Chlorella Vulgaris Microalgae

Volume 51, Issue 9, November 2020, Pages 2293-2306


Seyedeh Elham Saadat; Nasrin Ghorbanzadeh; Mohammad Bagher Farhangi; Mahmood Fazeli Sangani

Field Evaluation of Some of the Grain-size Analysis Methods for Determining Hydraulic Conductivity of Streambed

Volume 51, Issue 8, October 2020, Pages 2007-2021


Hojjat Kasir; Amir Naserin; Ahmad Jafari; Mahmood Shafai Bejestan

Evaluation of Spatial-Temporal Comparisons of Water Quality Parameters and Health of Ziarat River using NSFWQI Quality Index and Statistical Analysis

Volume 51, Issue 6, September 2020, Pages 1353-1372


mohammad hasan naderi; Masoud Pourgholam Amiji; Mojtaba Khoshravesh; Altin Ghojoghi; Narges Arab

The Efficiency of Coal Waste Nanoparticles Modified with FeCl3 in Sorption of Phosphorous from Aqueous Solutions

Volume 51, Issue 7, September 2020, Pages 1667-1679



The Effect of Modified Peanut Shell Biochar by Potassium Permanganate on Cd (II) Removal from Aqueous Media

Volume 51, Issue 2, May 2020, Pages 503-512


Hadiseh Shabani; Mohammad Amir Delavar; Saeid Taghavi Fardood

Trend Analysis of Dusty Days Frequency and its Correlation with Climatic Variables (Case Study: Lorestan Province)

Volume 50, Issue 9, January 2020, Pages 2289-2301


Mohammad Ansari ghojghar; Shahab Araghinejad; javad Bazrafshan; A.H. Hoorfar

Removal of Norfloxacin Antibiotic from Contaminated Solution by Microalgae Chlorella sp.

Volume 50, Issue 6, October 2019, Pages 1307-1316


Zahra Darabi; Nasrin Ghorbanzadeh; Mohammad Bagher Farhangi; Davood Bakhshi

Extraction of Humic Acid from Lignite Coals using Stirred Tank Reactors (STRs): Assessment of Process Parameters and Final Product Charaterization

Volume 50, Issue 5, September 2019, Pages 1111-1125


Ehsan Sarlaki Sarlaki; Mohammad Sokhandan Toomaj; Ali Sharif Paghaleh; Mohamadhosein Kianmehr; Omid Nikousefat

Assessment of the BTEX biodegradation by Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus sp. under nitrate reducing condition.

Volume 50, Issue 3, August 2019, Pages 713-724


Mina Shakiba; Teymour Sohrabi; Farhad Mirzaei; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee