Keywords = Penetration resistance
Prediction of Wind Erosion Threshold Velocity Using Portable Wind Tunnel Combined with Machine Learning Algorithms

Volume 54, Issue 6, September 2023, Pages 933-947


Monireh Mina; Abdolmajid Sameni; Ali Akbar Moosavi; Yaghoub Ghanbari

Effect of Type, Particle Size and Application Rate of Biochar on Some Physical Properties in a Silty Clay Loam Soil

Volume 53, Issue 10, January 2023, Pages 2399-2412


Abbas Yekzaban; Ali Akbar Moosavi; Abdolmajid Sameni; Mahrooz Rezaei

Inhibition of wind erosion by SBR polymer and Bacillus pasteurii microorganism (Case study: Jabal Kandy region)

Volume 49, Issue 4, July and August 2018, Pages 795-806


farzaneh douzali joushin; Kazem Badv; Mohsen Barin; Hosein Sultani jige

Evaluation of the Efficiency of Microbial Induced Carbonate Precipitation For Loose Sand Dunes Fixation

Volume 47, Issue 2, August 2016, Pages 407-415


Mahdi Maleki-Kakelar; Sirous Ebrahimi; Farrokh Asadzadeh; Mehrdad Emami Tarbizi