Keywords = Cadmium
Effect of moisture regime on cadmium toxicity in spinach and lettuce

Volume 54, Issue 4, July 2023, Pages 613-636


Hadi Koohkan; manoochehr maftoun; Ramin Karimzadeh; Maryam salimizadeh; Mohammad Sedigh Mortazavi

The Effect of the Different Ionic Composition of Saline Water on Cadmium Transport in Two Soils with Different Calcium Carbonate content

Volume 53, Issue 11, February 2023, Pages 2583-2595


Saman Maleknia; Ali Khanmirzaei; mahbubeh Mazhari; Shekoofeh Rezaei; Masoud Soltani

Adsorption Isotherm and Kinetic Models for Cadmium Removal from Polluted Water Using Clay, Biochar and Their Complex

Volume 53, Issue 3, June 2022, Pages 485-500


Soroush soleymanian; zahra Ganji Norouzi; vajiheh dorostkar; Mohamad Hadi Movahednejad; Mashallah Rezakazemi

The Effect of Irrigation with Magnetically Treated Effluent on Chemical Properties and Soil Heavy Metals

Volume 52, Issue 8, November 2021, Pages 2191-2203


Mojtaba Khoshravesh; Seyedeh Mahsa Hosseini; Masoud Pourgholam-Amiji

Effect of Nano Zero Valent Iron Particles (nZVI) on Mobility and Chemical Forms of Cadmium and Lead in Soil

Volume 49, Issue 3, May and June 2018, Pages 549-559


Roghaei Hamzenejad; Ebrahim Sepehr; Abbas Samadi; Mir Hasan Rasouli Sadaghiani; Habib Khodaverdiloo

Effect of enriched vermicompost with iron slag on corn Fe availability in a cadmium polluted

Volume 48, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 771-780


Sara Bagheri; Amirhosein Baghaei; Seyed Mahdi Niei

Changes in Plasmid Profile of Several Indiginous Pseudomonas Fluorescent Isolates, as Affected by Different Levels of Zn and Cd

Volume 44, Issue 1, April 2015, Pages 69-80


Hasan Ali Alikhani; Pouyan Shahidi Sadeghi; Bagher Yakhchali; Houshang Alizadeh