Keywords = Soil amendment
Controllability of runoff generation and soil loss due to application of different sulfur wastes on a marl soil

Volume 54, Issue 2, May 2023, Pages 265-280


Mahmood Sharifi Moghani; Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi; Nader Bahramifar

Effect of Type, Particle Size and Application Rate of Biochar on Some Physical Properties in a Silty Clay Loam Soil

Volume 53, Issue 10, January 2023, Pages 2399-2412


Abbas Yekzaban; Ali Akbar Moosavi; Abdolmajid Sameni; Mahrooz Rezaei

Influence of the Application of Zeolite and Nitrogen on Quality, Yield and Yield Components of Potato under Field Condition

Volume 52, Issue 7, October 2021, Pages 1841-1852


Kohsar Ahmadi; Mohammad Ali Mahmoodi; Masoud Davari; Farzad Hosseinpanahi; Akbar Karimi