Keywords = Principal component analysis
Application of microscopic features of soil pores in the assessment of soil physical quality

Volume 54, Issue 10, January 2024, Pages 1581-1596


aida Bakhshi khorramdarre; Parisa Alamdari; Ahmad Heidari; Mohammad Hosein Mohammadi

The effect of number and type of soil physical and hydraulic properties on representing the soil physical quality (case study: Shabestar Plain)

Volume 54, Issue 7, October 2023, Pages 981-1003


Roya Toluee; Davoud Zarehaghi; Naser Davatgar; Mohammad Reza Neyshabouri; Ahmad bybordi

Assessment of Soil Quality in Paddy Soils with Different Yields (A Case Study: Kouchsfahan, Guilan Province)

Volume 51, Issue 12, March 2021, Pages 3161-3176


maryam Shakouri; Mahmoud Shabanpour; Naser Davatgar; Majid Vazifehdoust