Keywords = Integrated quality index
Assessment of Surface Sealing Formation and Its Relationship with Soil Quality Indices

Volume 52, Issue 6, August 2021, Pages 1501-1514


Ayoub Avizhgan; Hossein Asadi; Mohammad Hosein Mohammadi; Manouchehr Gorji

The Effect of Irrigation Management and Cultivation pattern on Soil Quality Indices (Case study: Agriculture fields of Semnan)

Volume 51, Issue 9, November 2020, Pages 2323-2335


Kourosh kamali; Gholam Reza Zehtabian; Tayyebeh Mesbahzadeh; Mahmood Arabkhedri; Hossayin Shahab Arkhazlo; Alireza Moghaddam Nia

Quantitative soil quality assessment in different land uses at some Parts of south eastern of Qazvin

Volume 47, Issue 4, January 2017, Pages 775-784


Jalil Kakeh; Manoochehr Gorji; Alireza Alimohammadi