Keywords = Nitrate
The effect of soil salinity on nitrogen mineralization in the presence and absence of wheat straw in three soils with different textural classes

Volume 54, Issue 12, March 2024, Pages 1913-1928


Younes Shukuhifar; Ahmad Mohammadi Ghehsareh; Karim Shahbazi; Mohammad mehdi Tehrani; Hosein Besharati

Investigation of nitrate status in agricultural products of Iran and criticism of published studies – a review study

Volume 54, Issue 11, January 2024, Pages 1779-1820


Meysam Cheraghi; Karim Shahbazi; Arzhang Fathi Gerdelidani; Kambiz Bazargan; Mostafa Marzi; kobra sadat hasheminasab zavareh; Mehdi Beheshti

Nitrate concentration Measurement in Cress Plant Using a Colorimetric Sensor based on Gold nanoparticles

Volume 54, Issue 8, November 2023, Pages 1147-1157


marzieh sepahvand; Hossein Mirseyed Hosseini; forough ghasemi

Influence of the Application of Zeolite and Nitrogen on Quality, Yield and Yield Components of Potato under Field Condition

Volume 52, Issue 7, October 2021, Pages 1841-1852


Kohsar Ahmadi; Mohammad Ali Mahmoodi; Masoud Davari; Farzad Hosseinpanahi; Akbar Karimi

Performance Investigation of Woodchip Bioreactor for Nitrate Removal from Wastewater

Volume 52, Issue 4, June 2021, Pages 887-898


reza jalali; javanshir azizi mobaser; akbar ghavidel; Ali Rasoulzadeh; javad ramezani moghaddam

Nitrate, Phosphate, and Salt Removal from a Pilot-Scale Hybrid Constructed Wetland with Planted Phragmites Australis

Volume 52, Issue 4, June 2021, Pages 1071-1089


Milad Hashemi; Abdali Naseri; Mona Golabi; Abdolrahim Hooshmand

The Effect of Various Sources of Iron on the Nitrate Accumulation in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)

Volume 51, Issue 11, February 2021, Pages 2953-2963


Neda Bahrami; mahboobeh Jalali; AliAkbar Zare

Evaluating the Efficiency of Bioreactor with Triangular Cross Section to Remove Nitrate from Agricultural Wastewater

Volume 51, Issue 5, August 2020, Pages 1105-1113


Hossin Asgari; javanshir azizi mobaser; ali rasoulzade; javad ramezani moghaddam

Feasibility Study of Anzali Wetland Quality Monitoring Using Remote Sensing

Volume 50, Issue 7, December 2019, Pages 1813-1824


Maryam Navabian; Majid Vazifedoust; Mahdi Esmaeili Varaki

Assessment of the BTEX biodegradation by Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus sp. under nitrate reducing condition.

Volume 50, Issue 3, August 2019, Pages 713-724


Mina Shakiba; Teymour Sohrabi; Farhad Mirzaei; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee