Keywords = Electrical conductivity
The effect of soil salinity on nitrogen mineralization in the presence and absence of wheat straw in three soils with different textural classes

Volume 54, Issue 12, March 2024, Pages 1913-1928


Younes Shukuhifar; Ahmad Mohammadi Ghehsareh; Karim Shahbazi; Mohammad mehdi Tehrani; Hosein Besharati

The Effect of installation depth and discharge of dripper on soil salinity distribution in subsurface drip irrigation of sugarcane

Volume 54, Issue 8, November 2023, Pages 1159-1177


Elham Zanganeh-Yusef Abadi; Abdali Naseri; Abdolrahim Hooshmand; Saeed BoroomandNasab

The effect of contact time, extractant type, and soil/extractant ratio on gypsum determination by Acetone method

Volume 53, Issue 4, July 2022, Pages 701-713


Mostafa Marzi; Karim Shahbazi; Leila Esmaeilzadeh; Mehdi Beheshti

Analysis of the Effectiveness of Interceptor Drain on Vegetation Changes (Case Study: Salt Marsh in Qazvin Plain)

Volume 51, Issue 8, October 2020, Pages 1895-1905


afshin uossef gomrokchi; Alireza Hassanoghli; mehdi akbari; Mehrzad Mostashari Mohasses; alireza fakhr vaezi