Author = rajabi, ahmad
Application of gray wolf multi-objective algorithm in optimal operation of dam reservoirs in low water areas

Volume 54, Issue 2, May 2023, Pages 299-318


sufia bajelani; saeid shabanlou; fariborz yosefvand; mohammad ali izadbakhsh; ahmad rajabi

The impact of climate change on groundwater level changes in future periods based on fifth report of ICCP (Case study: Razan Aquifer)

Volume 53, Issue 5, July 2022, Pages 993-1008


Mohammad Moein Fallahi; saeid shabanlou; ahmad rajabi; fariborz yosefvand; mohammad ali izadbakhsh

GIS-based Groundwater Spring Potential Modelling and Assessment Mapping in the the Omarak Watershed

Volume 52, Issue 8, November 2021, Pages 2035-2047


hamed karimi; fariborz yosefvand; saeid shabanlou; ahmad rajabi

Reservoir Hedging Approach in Optimal Operation of Water Resources Systems of Doiraj Dam Reservoir Using MOICA Algorithm

Volume 52, Issue 5, July 2021, Pages 1251-1261


ehsan yarmohammadi; mohammad ali izadbakhsh; ahmad rajabi; fariborz yosefvand; saeid shabanlou