Author = Kardan moghaddam, Hamid
Integrated vulnerability assessment of surface and groundwater resources by combining two indices DRASTIC and WRASTIC

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 17 July 2023


Naser Asgarbioki; Ahmad sharafati; Hamid Kardan moghaddam

Assessment of Spring Quality Privacy with the Combined Approach of VESPA Vulnerability Index and MDHT Method

Volume 53, Issue 3, June 2022, Pages 459-470


Farzaneh Janmohammadi; Roxana Moogouei; Hamid Kardan Moghaddam

Using Water Accounting Plus Framework for Evapotranspiration and Water Productivity Assessment

Volume 52, Issue 5, July 2021, Pages 1315-1325


Zahra Rahimzadeh kivi; Saman Javadi; Neamat Karimi; Mehdy Hashemy shahdani; Hamid Kardan moghaddam

Evaluation of Iran Meteorological Measurement and Monitoring Network

Volume 51, Issue 12, March 2021, Pages 3237-3252


Hamid Kardan moghaddam; Hossein Dehban; Alireza Kavousi; Reza roozbahani; Masoud Bahreinimotlagh; Mohammad javad Zareian

Spatio-temporal Analysis of Groundwater Level Using Clustering Method Combined with Artificial Neural Network

Volume 51, Issue 4, July 2020, Pages 801-812


Ehsan Razaghdoust; Bayramali Mohammadnezhad; Hamid Kardan Moghaddam

The First Fluvial Acoustic Tomography System Experience for River Flow Velocity Monitoring in Iran

Volume 50, Issue 7, December 2019, Pages 1793-1800


Masoud Bahreinimotlagh; Abbas Kazemi khoshuei; Reza Roozbahani; Mortaza Eftekhari; Hamid Kardan Moghadam