Author = Hashemy Shahdany, S. Mehdy
Using Water Accounting Plus Framework for Evapotranspiration and Water Productivity Assessment

Volume 52, Issue 5, July 2021, Pages 1315-1325


Zahra Rahimzadeh kivi; Saman Javadi; Neamat Karimi; Mehdy Hashemy shahdani; Hamid Kardan moghaddam

Water Requirements of Basil in an Equipped Greenhouse with Heat Exchanger

Volume 52, Issue 4, June 2021, Pages 1105-1115


Payam Kamali; S. Mehdy Hashemy Shahdany; Hamed Ebrahimian; Saman Javadi; Sasan Aliniaeifard

Development of Hybrid Bayesian Network Model for Multi-Hazards Risk Assessment of Irrigation Network

Volume 52, Issue 3, May 2021, Pages 693-706


Atiyeh Bozorgi; Abbas Roozbahani; Mehdy Hashemy Shahdany