Author = Mohammadhosein Omid
Investigation of the effect of step penetration depth in porous medium on the hyporheic fluxes

Volume 53, Issue 7, January 2023, Pages 1563-1574


Mahla Tajari; Mohammad Hosein Omid; Amir Ahmad Dehghani; Arezoo Nazi Ghameshlou

Estimation of the longitudinal dispersion coefficient using the dimensional analysis in surface water flows

Volume 48, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 759-769


MEHDI MOHAMMADI GHALENI; Kumars Ebrahimi; Mohammad Hossein Omid

Evaluate and develop new relationships to estimate submerged hydraulic jump characteristics

Volume 47, Issue 4, January 2017, Pages 755-764


Amin Ghassemi; Mohammad Hosein Omid; Mohsen NasrAbadi; Ali Raeesi Estabragh

Statistical and experimental assessment of a clayey soil treated by chemical stabilization

Volume 47, Issue 1, July 2016, Pages 119-128


Amin Ghassemi; Amin Soltani; Ali Raeesi; Mohammadhosein Omid

Determination of Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient Involving Tracer Experiment Data

Volume 46, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 653-662


Mehdi Mohammadi Ghaleni; Kumars Ebrahimi; Mohammad Hosein Omid

Improvement of soil against piping phenomena by using artificial fiber

Volume 44, Issue 3, October 2013, Pages 263-269


Khaled Soltannejad; Ali Raeesi Estabragh; Jamal Abdolahi Bik; Mohammad Hosein Omid