Author = Poorbabaei, Ahmadali
Investigating the role of periphyton types in the release and uptake of insoluble phosphorus in an in vitro experiment

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 June 2022


Mehdi Beheshti; Hoseinali Alikhani; Ahmad Ali pourbabaei; Hassan Etesami; hadi asadi rahmani; Mostafa Noroozi

Phthalic Acid Esters as Pervasive Emerging Pollutants in the Environment and Their Role in Threatening Food Security and Human Health: A Review

Volume 52, Issue 8, November 2021, Pages 2253-2277


Shayan Shariati; Ahmad Ali pourbabaei; Hossein Ali Alikhani; Keramat Allah Rezaei; Fatemeh Shariati

Evaluation of Iron Content in Calcareous Soil Treated With Bacteria Producing Siderophore under Drought Stress

Volume 51, Issue 5, August 2020, Pages 1305-1315


Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee; Ahmad Ali Shoaibi; Ahmad Ali Alikhani; Somayeh Emami

Assessment of the BTEX biodegradation by Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus sp. under nitrate reducing condition.

Volume 50, Issue 3, August 2019, Pages 713-724


Mina Shakiba; Teymour Sohrabi; Farhad Mirzaei; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee

The Effect of Nitrate, Salinity, Pollutant Concentration and Cell Mass on BTEX Degradation in Microaerophilic Environment

Volume 50, Issue 2, March and April 2019, Pages 401-409


Mina Shakiba; Teymour Sohrabi; Farhad Mirzaei; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee

Investigating the Effects of Conservation and Reduced Tillage Systems on Soil Quality Indices

Volume 49, Issue 6, January and February 2019, Pages 1355-1364


Ramin Ghahramanpoor; Manoochehr Gorji; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee; Mohsen Farahbakhsh

The effect of luteolin, seed exudate and salinity on the nod gene expression of R. meliloti using β-galactosidase activity assay

Volume 49, Issue 4, July and August 2018, Pages 907-914


roghaye mardani; Kazem Poustini; AliReza Abbasi; AhmadAli Pourbabaei

Isolation and identification of cyanobacteria from Kavir National Park hypersaline soils

Volume 48, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 625-637


Atefeh Etemadi-Khah; AhmadAli Poorbabaei; Hoseinali Alikhani; Mostafa Noroozi

The Effect of Eisenia fetida on the Phytoremediation of Anthracne as by Lolium perenne

Volume 44, Issue 1, April 2015, Pages 95-106


Hoseinali Alikhani; Akbar Ghavidel; Bagher Yakhchali; Mohammad Reza Naghavi; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaei; Somayeh Naji Rad

Electrokinetic Remediation of a Heavy Metal-Contaminated Soil and its Effect on Microbial Biomass-C and on Microbial Coefficient

Volume 42, Issue 2, April 2012, Pages 249-255


Mahdi Bahemmat; Mohsen Farahbakhsh; Ahmadali Poorbabaei; Gholamreza Savaghebi

Ethylene Oligomer Biodegradation by Microorganisms Isolated from Landfill Soils

Volume 43, Issue 3, January 2012, Pages 221-229