Author = Koohkan, Hadi
Effect of moisture regime on cadmium toxicity in spinach and lettuce

Volume 54, Issue 4, July 2023, Pages 613-636


Hadi Koohkan; manoochehr maftoun; Ramin Karimzadeh; Maryam salimizadeh; Mohammad Sedigh Mortazavi

The Study of the Phytoremediation Efficiency of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil by Inoculating the Soil with Brachybacterium muris and Pseudomonas putida

Volume 53, Issue 1, April 2022, Pages 171-187


Hadi Koohkan; Mohammad Sedigh Mortazavi; Ahmad Golchin; Gholamali Akbarzadeh- Chomachaei; Fereshteh Saraji; Mohsen Gozari

Reduction of Crude Oil Pollution in Soil by Phytoremediation, Bioaugmentation and Bioaugmented Phytoremediation

Volume 50, Issue 10, March 2020, Pages 2645-2660


Hadi Koohkan; Ahmad Golchin; Mohammad Sedigh Mortazavi; Roghyeh Hemati; Fatemeh Shahryari

Effect of Boron and Nitrogen on Growth and Chemical Composition of Spinach

Volume 42, Issue 1, October 2011, Pages 109-119

Hadi Koohkan; Manoochehr Maftoon